King of all Kitchen Sinks: Stainless Steel Stands for Durability, Affordability and Looks. It’s also a first choice of Architects, Builders & Consumers

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We may not cook food every day, but we use sink many times a day. You must agree that sink is a very important part of every kitchen, not only the kitchen but also plays a vital role in hospitals, airplanes, school & colleges, canteen, hotels and many other places, and can be used for washing hands, for dishwashing or other purposes. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the sink is the best friend of the kitchen.

You also agree with the fact that in this busy schedule, we all need a sink which is durable, affordable, easily maintained and of course looks good in our kitchen. You may find lot many sinks materials like Stainless steel, Enamel over steel or cast iron, Ceramic, Marble, Plastic, Soapstone, Concrete, Terrazzo, Wood, Stone, Copper, Glass, Granite, Nickel etc. Stainless Steel holds on top position and its got some valid reasons. 

Stainless steel is consistently one of the most popular materials for kitchen sinks. When it comes to luxury, looks, style, durability or cleaning habits, it's king. 

Lets see each features carefully, and we are sure it will help you a lot to decide about your next sink purchase.


A stainless steel sink remain attractive for many years. The steel surface will not become marred or chipped from impacts and it does not suffer damage from exposure to heat and cold. Stainless steel should not rust, stain or tarnish.


Stainless steel fits the decor and style of virtually any kitchen. In addition, it’s possible to shape stainless steel into a customized space. Stainless steel also comes in a variety of finishes to fit different kitchen styles. 

Stainless steel sinks in comparison with other options. For example, ceramic, granite or copper sinks all are considerably more costly than stainless steel sinks. When you compare stainless steel to other materials, it is usually more affordable. While prices will vary depending on the size and configuration of a sink, stainless steel is usually one of the least expensive sink options.

Many people choose other stainless steel appliances, such as ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators. Choosing a stainless steel sink can complete the look and make the entire kitchen flow. These sinks allow for cohesiveness in finishes, since so many modern appliances are stainless steel.

Easily Maintained
The stainless steel surface is easy to clean and unaffected by household chemicals. It retains the original luster when cleaned with household cleanser and soft towel. In addition, stainless steel does not require special cleaning processes to keep it beautiful. The stainless steel surface does not harbor bacteria.


Stainless steel sinks won't rust when they come into contact with water. Stainless steel kitchen sinks contain chromium and nickel, materials that make them truly stainless and resistant to rust. They are also resistant to many chemicals, which means they won't become corroded.

Absorbs Shock 
Stainless steel sinks on impact will "give" to cushion glasses and dishes against breakage.


Sanitary surface
Stainless steel sinks are easy to clean and non-porous giving little refuge to bacteria and other nasties.

Big Capacity 
Stainless steel has strength and flexibility that allows for deeper sink bowls. Stainless steels relatively light yet strong properties allow it to be formed into larger and deeper bowls that might not otherwise be feasible with cast iron or other materials.

Recyclability & Eco Friendly "Green"
One of the best thing is that stainless steel is a recyclable material It doesn’t degrade or lose any of its properties in the recycling process making stainless steel sinks a green option it dont not harm the environment. Its a nature friendly material.  Stainless steel doesn't degrade or lose any of its properties in the recycling process making stainless steel sinks a good green option.

Stainless Steel is a combination of an alloy of iron, chromium and nickel. Its usually designated by their chromium-to-nickle ratio. For example, ratio of "18:8" means there is 18% chromium and 8% nickel present. The higher the percentage of these elements, the better the stainless steel grade. Stainless steel sinks usually range from 16 gauge (thicker) to 22 gauge (thin). Thicker stainless steel will be more resistant to dents and have better sound insulation, i.e. the sink will be less "noisy" when washing dishes or running the garbage disposal. Look for 16 to 18 gauge if you want a good quality stainless steel sink.

Accessories, Added Features, Options for Product Enhancements 
To enhance the beauty of the sinks, many stainless sink manufacturers offer added features, product enhancements and accessories.

Options include grids to reduce scrapes on the sink bottom and removable cutting boards shaped to fit a portion of the sink. Sink Racks & Baskets, Floor Drainer, Drain Pipe, Intellidrain, Air Switch, Cleaning and Organizing, Soap/Lotion Dispensers, Cutting Boards & Colanders, Strainers & Disposal Flanges, Water Filtration Faucets Fittings and many more.

Choice of Architects
As we all know that architects are famous for their designs, innovation and creativity. But it is only possible if they get the product as they require from the manufacturers. Product choices, particularly on items like kitchen sinks that come in every shape, size and quality. Which helps Architects to choose the designs that increase the beauty of the kitchen. That is one of the many reason why they prefer to have Stainless steel sinks most of the times. Also considering the fact that its a trend now to have steel sinks and its a style statement for many.

Choice of Builders
As construction industry is moving so fast and with the demands of kitchen materials and its accessories increasing day by day. As every one wants the kitchen should be the most beautiful place as many times we have to use the kitchen for many good reasons. Maximum builders prefer to make it as per the consumer expectations, that's why they prefer to have the steel material which has been preferred by many and easy to install and handle. And in many cases, consumer itself ask for the  Stainless steel sinks. Builder will always prefer to go with the taste of consumer to make them happy.    

Choice of Consumers
Why this is a best choice of consumers because its a most popular material for kitchen sinks, durable, affordable and it's becoming more popular in the bathroom and other places too. It tops both the Consumer Ratings of kitchen and bath sinks. Stainless steel comes in different thicknesses, and many sizes with lost of advantages over other sink materials. You will find maximum number of families installed steel sinks in their kitchen. That's why it's a preferred choice of the consumer all over the world. 

Over the several advantages, Stainless steel got some disadvantages too.

Not Immune To Scratching  Scratches you couldn't 100% avoid they're metal you can still put scratches in a stainless steel sink. They also have a "grain direction" and any rubbing with an abrasive material in the direction opposite of the grain will result in visible scratches and/or a blotchy appearance inconsistent with he rest of the sink.

Maintenance Involved In Keeping It Looking Good 
Stainless sinks are relatively easy to clean as they don't really stain but keeping them looking new and fresh takes effort. Dried mineral deposits from standing water and drips can make a stainless steel sink look dingy pretty quickly. You'll need to wipe out the sink frequently to avoid the drab filmy look.

The Noise Issue 
Some people just don't like the "tinny" sound that's associated with a stainless steel sink. Coatings added to the bottom help deaden that sound but the nature of the beast is that it will just naturally sound metallic -- the degree depends on the thickness of the material and whether the sink is coated, both of which add mass and help reduce sound attenuation. Anupamsinks has reduced the sound effect and sloved the noise issue to its maximum level with "SOUND DEADNING PAD & UNDERCOAT" and its a very effect solution. 


In conclusion, the stainless steel kitchen sink is the best kitchen sink out there for the most people. Steel sink  stand for durability and sleek aesthetics at a budget-minded price... materials for kitchen sinks. Combining ease of use and maintenance with appealing features and lot of options and accessories to choose from. This sink is a really a "King Of All Kitchen Sinks". Overall, this is just a great investment and it's hard to beat the value. We feel confident in recommending it.  

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If the Kitchen is heart of a house then kitchen sink is it’s life line but it do come with it’s own limitations when it comes to it’s usage. 

Kitchen sink is confined upto the utilitarians being performed in the kitchen like washing fruits and vegetables , cleaning utensils etc. But our necessities for use and of water doesn't end here. The issue we confront is requirement of a proper platform where water utilitarian operations can be handled efficiently in such a way that it don’t create further muddle to be taken care of.  

Here begins the role of all-purpose "Utility Sinks" combine fashion with function throughout the home, including your laundry/utility room, garden, garage, entertainment center, hobby/work room, etc. A utility sink is, as the name implies, a useful thing to have for work to be perform beyond your kitchen. Some people use their utility sinks to hook up portable washing machines or dishwashers so they don’t drain into the kitchen sink. Others use them for a variety of household tasks. It usually have a much wider and deeper basin than the average kitchen. Their wide, deep basins are perfect for more heavy duty chores. Due to their broad range of use, Utility Sinks come in all sorts of different models and styles to suit the users needs.

Stainless steel utility sink offers the modern design and comes in several styles and configurations to fit any job. you can have wall mount sinks, to counter drop-ins or undermounts to stand-alones, these sinks are a great choice for smaller spaces and those looking to have for commercial purpose. 

We have another  important thing that we can't ignore that how "Utility Sink Impacting Our Lives", the functionality and compactness of Utility Sink are like ‘tweedledee and tweedledum’ but apart from this it has made tasks much easier. People dealing with joints ache and backache problem may rely on it without exposing their body to unwanted stress. House wives who need to perform several work on  regular basis may do it easily without getting worried to clear the after mess as usage of Utility Sink  itself leaves no scope for untidy living space. Nonetheless, children at play and man at physical work may easily get themselves clean. In simple words, as per name suggests, no single body in a home remains untouched with the utilization of the Utility Sink.  

We also like to highlight some major benefits that automatically comes when you have a Utility Sinks installed at you home or garden. 

The Utility Sink is perfect place to water plants that need a good soaking. Instead of getting plant dirt and matter all over a sink or bathtub, you can place potted plants in the utility sink. Other people use these sinks for tasks like mopping floors, and again, this means you don’t have to get chemicals for floor mopping or floor dirt into your regular kitchen sink. Especially large utility sinks may be the perfect place to wash cats or dogs.

A Utility Sink may allow the user to laundry by hand if necessary, rinse out detergent cups, soak items that need soaking or simply wash ones hands after handling dirty laundry or other items. A Utility Sink or Laundry Sink can be filled up with water by stopping the drain and items can be washed by hand in the sink. This is a good thing to have if the user plans on washing items by hand regularly, people who own delicate garments that cannot be machine washed should reckon this type of sink.

Another benefit of the utility sink is that you can use them to clean up big messes. If you’ve just changed the oil in your car, hands can be scrubbed in the utility sink. Kids coming in from muddy play can wash hands, and you can even get their shoes clean in this type of sink. It can be a relief to have a designated “mess area” where extreme messes get cleaned up without dirtying the rest of your house. 

Not limited to indoor, there are utility sinks that can be installed outdoors. These may have smaller or bigger basins but they can still be terrific for cleaning up after gardening or washing smaller pets and more. 

Today Utility Sinks are used with reasonably high frequency, many people have installed it for personal or commercial purpose and get benefited. We at Anupam Sinks understands the importance and the need for Utility Sinks, that's why we have introduce all purpose Utility Sinks for every one with different size and shapes that fits every requirements.


Luxury Sinks For Luxury Kitchen

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Sinks; Replacing Luxury from Ordinary

‘Luxury’, while just vocalizing the word, you may go on sudden spree to adapt it at your best. There must be very few people who won’t be fond of luxurious living. It’s like one can make it using a two rupee use and throw pen, but we prefer Parker’s. Where luxury is defined precisely in terms of fashion and designing, in today’s era one more term is added to make its definition complete that is its usability. Where more and more people are running towards accommodating luxury, there is no scope for the masses left for acting nonchalance in this concern. In the race of going luxurious, we are not just focusing on sophisticated luxurious items of decor on display but also several daily use handy appliances have started falling for luxury.  Amidst this, people also don’t forget to make a check on performance & efficiency of the thing they are opting for.

Besides furnishing of your portico to the interiors of your house, several different utilitarian used in your daily life are also gaining there platform on the basis of their looks and usability. Than how come the most important section of your house, the heart of your home; your kitchen remains untouched. Traditional aluminum utensils are already being replaced by stylish, gleam, colorful non stick cook wares, refrigerators placed in your kitchen have their own style content and normal sinks are getting replaced by luxury sinks rapidly.

Bygone is the time, when sink was just a basin beneath a faucet. Luxury Sink comes with better quality stainless steel which maintains its flawless looks for years. It’s not just a basin, but also comes with several attributes which makes your kitchen work easy and non messy and gives it an appreciative looks. The range of luxury sink comes with a chopping board, a premium faucet which is stylish sleek, a hand shower, soap dispenser, an inbuilt  waste bin, a small bowl which comes with a flexible stopper at the bottom of the bowl and a wired basket. With these accessories, sinks not just give neat look to your platform area but also provide elegance. These assets also contribute in making its functioning comfortable. And above that, you won’t hesitate for a second from the entry of outsiders into your kitchen as it will always be representable at its best.  

These specialties of luxury sinks makes people coveted for it over the ordinary ones. So, in today’s time, where your lifestyle represents your status statement, why not opt for something that not only adds to the looks but is also high at performance. Get rid of your ordinariness today and step into the world which is much more pleasant and beautiful to stay in.