Do more with your social marketing.



# Flawless delivery cross platform, on every socail media.
# Leverage our network of 700+ publishers. 
# 3 million unique audience and growing.
# Advance audience behavioral targeting.
# Measure results with powerful analytics. 
# Interactive social media ads for more engagement. 
# Conversion tracking and analytics.

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Social Media Accounts

Combination of top social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Dropbox, Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo, Linkedin, Pinterest, 500px and more. Top 50 Social Media List


Combination of Fans + Followers + Subscribers + Unique Visitors.


Geo targeting

Suburban, Urban, Metro, Capital, State or Country.


Demographic Profiling

Includes Age, Sex, Income or Social Class, Occupation

Advance Targeting

Allows you to target niche market. All marketing efforts on a small but specific and well defined segment of the audience. 

Social Posting

Social Posting on multiple social accounts and blogs at once, on every device.



 Total number of people who are exposed to the medium and therefore have an opportunity to see or hear the ad or commercial.

Unique Web Traffic

Refer to a person who visits a site at least once within the reporting period. Each visitor to the site is only counted once during the reporting period, so if the same IP address accesses the site the site many times, it still only counts as one visitor. 

Web Social Ranking

Helps you to increase your site’s rankings for multiple areas like Search Engine, Social Media, Traffic, Social Bookmarking, Blog Score.and more. We also tell you more about your site’s impact on the web and what areas you need to improve on.


Advance Analytic 

Powerful analytics that automatically tracks every piece of content you distribute, making it easy to measure the success of your campaigns. 


Insightful reports to track your campaigns and prove that your social media marketing efforts are successful.

Besocial Apps

A Platform for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once.


Taken Dashboard

Start monitoring your business in real-time all in one place. Taken Analytics Dashboard is collection of "widgets". You can easily select and configure widgets to connect to 3rd party services and retrieve the data you want to display.


Visitor Tracking

Live Leads tracks B2B known and unknown visitors coming on your website & sends you email alerts. Helps convert your anonymous website visitors into actionable sales leads . Useful & relevant for sales processes and day-to-day lead filtering activities. 

Heat Map Clicks

Easy way to understand what parts of the site your visitors are reading by visualizing their mouse movements, mouse click & scroll depth heat maps. Aggregate lots of click data to form beautiful heatmaps.


Mouse Gesture Recording

Record all mouse movement, mouse clicks, scrolls & keystrokes on your website. Works across multiple browsers / screen resolutions. See mouse paths drawn over the html. 

Live Chat App

Real-time chat for quick response & handle  several chats at once. Get access to your previous communication with visitors & lots more amazing features that encourage your online visitors to start a chat.

Email Marketing 

Mail Annie comes stylish email marketing with amazing features and beautiful designs that improves results and gives you more open rate. Its easier to create, send and track. 



SMS Marketing

Making Text Marketing easy for you. Reach your costumers instantly by sending text marketing messages to their cell phones. Send text messages from your computer with our powerful web SMS system.

Facebook Apps

Publish your promotion apps on your website, Facebook Page or on a Microsite. All apps comes with in-built reward, incentive & viral features. Create promotion like Draw, Photo Contest, Group Offer, Quiz, Video Contest, Coupon, Poll, Give Away and more. 

QR Code

Explore Pure QR Code with amazing features. Create unlimited QR Codes instantly, custom design option, advance statistics & analytics, editable content, geolocation data and much more. 


Custom QR Code

Create distinctive, expressive QR Code designs like you’ve never seen before. Now you can use any design, image or logo to attract and invite your customers.

Interactive Image

Turns your every image into an interactive image. Share and discover deeper stories through images. Create rich images with music, video, sound, text, shops & more. Adding extra product information and links to the best offers on the web. On top we enable social sharing.

Mobile Site

Create fantastic mobile website easily. DIY feature helps you to create your mobile website without programming skills. Enjoy unlimited features like Premium Templates, Smart Phone and Tablet compatibility, SEO Optimized, Google Analytics, Ecommerce & more



Short Code

5 digit shortcode, integrated with all telecom operators in India.

Video Marketing

Fully-integrated video marketing services that fuel your web presence to engage and influence your unique audiences.

Custom Landing Page

Responsive landing pages for your marketing campaigns.



Paid Mobile / Web Ads

Buying media cross platform, basis of Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Action (CPA) & Fixed Buy.

Google Adwords

Unlimited adWords management with keyword research, build effective ad groups, constant monitoring and analysis, filtering negative keywords, careful AdWords bidding & Writing ad text that will draw qualified traffic. 

Competitors Review

Review to give clients an understanding of how their social & web activities are performing in comparison to their key competitors.


Web & SEO Audit

Generate Unlimited Instant Reviews & In-depth Reports for your SEO, Social Media, Mobile Optimization, Usability and much more.

Third Party Integration

We offers third-party integration that improves your efficiency while working with sales leads, prospects and customers.

Social Content & Design

Creating custom, high-quality content that are ready to update to your social media.



We make your data sorted arranged & presented visually.


Communicate design ideas with your clients in a highly engaging and dynamic way.

2d/3d Animated Video

100% animated motion graphics for your company or brand. 


Rich Media

Creating Interactive visual commercial message which respond to the user’s actions by presenting content such as text, graphics, animation, video, audio, games, etc..


Blog Management

We take care of the blog content – Optimize it – Post it – Submit it.  We do a lot more then just create great blog content. We incorporate layout, structure, SEO and social media submission.

Online Survey & Design

Create and publish amazing online surveys and view results in real time.




Social Engagement

Besocial helps you to engage with new and existing audience across multiple platforms.

Social Monitoring

Monitor any keyword related to your name, your brands, your companies or your competitors. and get email alerts. 

Team Member

Add a team member and give unlimited access.




Priority Support

All Besocial packages includes priority support form our friendly team.


Personalized Training

Provides online training to get better understand of tools and techniques.