<Fieldset> - FIELDSET tag creates a form for all elements in it.for example:-
<fieldset>Find a rounded-corner box around this text.</fieldset>

<Font> - Form tags define a form.
<form action="contact.html" method="post">
  Your Email:
    <input type="text" name="visitor-email" maxlength="80" value="" /><br />
  Your Name:
    <input type="text" name="visitor-name" maxlength="80" value="" /><br />
    <input type="submit" value="Send" />
Top of Form
Bottom of Form

<Frameset> - FRAMESET tags define a layout of frames.
<frameset cols="45%, *">
  <frame src ="/htmlcodes/left-frame.html" />
  <frame src ="/htmlcodes/right-frame.html" />

Face Recognition - A feature on some digital cameras and camera apps that seeks out and focuses in on people's faces. When this feature is used, the camera produces clearer and sharper images.

Face To Face - Payments or transactions made in person, instead of by intermediary like MOTO or e-commerce. Payments in store are made “face to face.”

Facebook Ads – Online social advertising channel with over 1 billion people. Due to an abundance of demographic data, Facebook has become a valuable asset to many PPC marketers.

Facebook Exchange (FBX) – Advertising program that targets users who visit a site (other than Facebook) and spend some time looking at a product, but don’t make the final purchase. With FBX, that third-party site will now be able to follow you to Facebook and target you there with a highly specialized ad. Think of it as Remarketing to Facebook’s colossal user database.

Factoring - When a merchant processes sales through his or her merchant account on behalf of another merchant.

Fade - Fade is the dissolve transition between a normal image and a black screen. When you dissolve from an image to black, it’s a fade out. When you dissolve from black to an image it’s called a fade in.

Failure to transfer - content requested by a browser can fail to transfer if the page is abandoned by the browser which requested it (see abandon) or if the server is unable to send the complete page, including the ads (known as an error or a communications error).

Family Locator - Family Locator is a simple, secure service that allows you and your family to locate each other's phones from a computer or device. You can use Family Locator to: find phones on an aerial photo or map, monitor when family members arrive or leave designated places and receive scheduled location alerts automatically by text message or email.

Family SharePlan - A plan that allows up to 5 devices to share minutes and other services under one account. This plan is no longer available for new accounts.

Family/Ad family - a collection of one or more ad creatives. Also called ad campaign.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - FAQs are documents that list and answer the most common questions on a particular subject.

Favorites Tray - A group of icons that appears at the bottom of the Home screen on an Android™ device. Even if you have multiple Home screens, the Favorites Tray will display in the same location on each one. On most devices, the Favorites Tray can be customized to display your most used apps.

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) - The Government organization that regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.

Feature - Options that you can add to lines on your account. Available features include cloud storage, international calling, Mobile Hotspot, equipment insurance, Caller ID Blocking and more. You can add or change features quickly online in My Verizon.

Feature Phone - A simple cellular phone that is generally used to make calls and send text messages (SMS). A feature phone lacks the advanced capabilities such as e-mail, GPS, calendaring, and Internet browsing often found on “smartphones”.

Fiber Optic Cable – Strands of glass used to transmit data—encoded as light—at extremely high data rates. Fiber optics is widely deployed in backbone data networks today and is beginning to be used for ―last-mile‖ broadband connections as well

Field Force Manager - A mobile resource management solution for your business. Use Field Force Manager to locate, monitor and communicate with your mobile field workers.

File extension - one or several letters at the end of a filename. Filename extensions usually follow a period (dot) and indicate the type of file. For example, .txt denotes a plain text file, .htm or .html denotes an HTML file. Some common image extensions are .jpg or .jpeg or .bmp or .gif. File extensions are used in both DOS and Windows-based files.

Filter - A guideline that includes or excludes specific data from reports. You can use filters to carry out actions like eliminating internal traffic from reports or to only include traffic to a specific subdomain.

Filtering - the process of removing robotic activity and error codes from measurement records to make the remaining records representative of valid human Internet actions.

Filtration guidelines - IAB voluntary guidelines for removing non-human activity in the reported measurement of ad impressions, page impressions, unique visitors and clicks. See iab.net for ad campaign measurement guidelines.

Final cut pro - Final Cut Pro is a professional non-linear editing software application developed by Apple Inc. Final Cut Pro provides non-linear, non-destructive editing of any QuickTime compatible video format including DV, HDV, P2 MXF (DVCProHD), XDCAM, 2K, and IMAX film formats. Previous definition Filter.

Financial Institution - An institution that obtains capital from individuals, businesses, and other organizations and invests it in various financial assets.

Financial institution – an institution that obtains capital from individuals, businesses, and other organizations and invests it in various financial assets.

Finger - An Internet software tool for locating people on other Internet sites. Finger is also sometimes used to give access to non-personal information, but the most common use is to see if a person has an account at a particular Internet site. Many sites do not allow incoming Finger requests, but many do.

Fingerprint Recognition - A convenient, secure way for your phone to identify you by your fingerprint. If you choose to enable fingerprint recognition, you can use your fingerprint to unlock your device's Home screen as well as use your fingerprint in place of a password in many apps. See also Touch ID.

Firewall - A device or app designed to protect your computer, network, smartphone or other device from unauthorized access.

Firmware - The core software on a device that controls how it operates.

Fixed cost - A pricing model that calculates cost as a total for the entire lifetime of the line item. A fixed price is assigned for the total impressions delivered throughout the duration of the line item’s flight. No revenue attribution is calculated for this pricing model.

Flame - an inflammatory opinion or criticism distributed by e-mail or posted on a newsgroup or message board.

Flame War - A flame war occurs when two or more users flame each other in an escalating manner that threatens to continue unabated.

Flame/Flaming - Flaming is reacting to someone’s newsgroup posting or email in a hostile manner by publicly chastising the person or bombarding the person with nasty email. Flaming may occur to users who ask stupid questions or who engage in behaviour that violates what is considered proper online netiquette (etiquette).

Flash - Adobe Flash (formerly called Macromedia Flash and Shockwave Flash) is a multimedia and software platform used for creating vector graphics,animationbrowser gamesrich Internet applicationsdesktop applications,mobile applications and mobile games. Flash displays text, vector and raster graphics to provide animations, video games and applications.

Flash Memory - A type of memory chip that doesn’t require electrical power to retain information, such as removable SD cards.

Fleet Administrator - A vehicle-tracking solution from Verizon Wireless that lets you locate, monitor and manage any vehicles equipped with the special vehicle-tracking hardware.

Flight dates - An interval that specifies the maximum life span of a line item. If its impression goal is met before the end of the flight, the line item becomes unavailable. Flight dates must fall within order dates.

Flip Phone - A device that has a screen and keypad all on one side of the phone with an additional thin flap that flips open and closed over the keypad.

 Floating ads - an ad or ads that appear within the main browser window on top of the Web page's normal content, thereby appearing to "float" over the top of the page.

Fluorescent lights - Fluorescent lights emit light via mercury vapor and phosphor, they produce a soft, even light. The color temperature of fluorescent light depends on the lamp being used, and it can also be completely color-corrected in post.

FM Radio - A feature on BlackBerry® devices that you can use to listen, browse and find your favorite FM radio stations.

Fmod - FMOD is a sound effects engine for video games and applications developed by Firelight Technologies, that play and mix sound files of diverse formats on many operating systems.

Focal length - Focal length is the distance from the lens to the image focus point inside the camera. A high focal length makes distance objects appear magnified while a low focal length give a wide view of the scenery facing the lens.

Foistware -  software which is installed with completely unrelated programs. That means that there is no particular property in the software that makes it Foistware, but rather the context in which it was installed. An example of foistware would be an anti-virus program bundled with a word processor..

 Fold - The line below which a user has to scroll to see content not immediately visible when a Web page loads in a browser. Ads or content displayed ―above the fold‖ are visible without any end-user interaction. Monitor size and resolution determine where on a Web page the fold lies.

Foley - Foley is the art of reproducing and creating sounds for film.

Forecasted clicks - The number of clicks that have been booked to deliver for a campaign.

Forecasted conversions - The number of conversions that have been booked to deliver for a campaign.

Forecasted impressions - The number of impressions that have been booked to deliver for a campaign.

Frame - A format for web documents (or web pages) that divides the screen into segments, each with a scroll bar as if it were a “window” within the window. Usually, selecting a category of documents in one frame shows the contents of the category in another frame.for example:-Frame tags define each frame within a frame set.
  <title>Frame Tags in Action</title>
    <h1>Sorry, your browser doesn't support this feature!</h1>
<frameset cols="35%, 65%">
  <frame src ="/htmlcodes/left-frame.html" />
  <frame src ="/htmlcodes/right-frame.html" />

Frame Rate - Frame Rate is the rate at which a shutter opens and closes, or a sensor captures video during one second. Typical frame rates are 24, 25, and 29.97, 30 and 50 and 60.

Fraud - Intentional deception for the purpose of gain. 

Free Clicks – Clicks that aren’t billed, such as actions taken on an interactive ads. For example, an expandable image as part of the ad format will result in “free clicks” when that interaction occurs.

 Frequency - the number of times an ad is delivered to the same browser in a single session or time period. A site can use cookies in order to manage ad frequency.

Frequency capping - Using cookies to track the impression count of ads served and stop any given ad being shown to a single visitor more than the set number of times.

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) - FHSS is the modulation technique used by Bluetooth and other technologies that use the same frequency ranges as 802.11 networks. Transmissions hop across multiple frequencies several times per second, and can work well at short ranges even in the presence of multiple competing systems trying to use the same frequency ranges.

 Fresnel - A Fresnel is a type of lens placed in front ofs lamps (such as tungsten sources) in order to focus the light given off into a controllable beam.

Friends & Family® - A service that gives you unlimited talk time to the top five or ten contacts (depending on your Plan) you call most that aren't on the Verizon Wireless network. This feature is only available on qualifying Nationwide Plans.

Front - Facing Camera - A camera on the front (display side) of the phone, allowing for two-way video chat and easy capturing of self-portraits.

Froyo - The 2.2 version of the Android™ operating system.

F-stop - F-stop is a term used to describe the size of the aperture opening. The lower the F-stop number, the bigger the aperture. If the aperture is low, more light is able reach the image sensor. F-stop settings are normally displayed with a forward slash. Common f-stops are: f/1.4, f/2, f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, f/16, and f/22. A low f-stop number (large aperture) results in a shallow depth of field and a high f-stop (smaller aperture) gives a deep depth of field.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - A very common method of moving files between two Internet sites.FTP is a way to login to another Internet site for the purposes of retrieving and/or sending files. There are many Internet sites that have established publicly accessible repositories of material that can be obtained using FTP, by logging in using the account name “anonymous”, thus these sites are called “anonymous ftp servers”.FTP was invented and in wide use long before the advent of the World Wide Web and originally was always used from a text-only interface.

Ftrack - With ftrack 3.2, we’re opening up new ways of working with the software. No longer is ftrack strictly limited to the VFX industry – it’s now an open and customisable tool that will adapt itself to your workflows, whatever your market may be.

 FTTH (Fiber to the Home) – Advanced, next generation data networking infrastructure being deployed by some telcos and other companies to provide faster broadband Internet connectivity and other services.

Fulfillment - In ecommerce, fulfillment is the process of completing an order. The term may also be applied to third-party companies that inventory products and ship orders on behalf of an online store. 

Full HD - A mobile device feature that lets you record videos in the same resolution and aspect ratio (16:9) as an HDTV. The actual resolution will vary by device (e.g., 720x1280 or 1920x1080). Devices that have this feature also typically have a true HD screen that offers true natural colors and automatic color adjustments.

Funds - Availability The amount of money available for a consumer to use to make purchases.

Funnels - Series of steps a visitor completes to reach an end goal. Google Analytics allows you to indicate up to ten pages in each funnel definition. Creating funnels can show you where visitors abandon the process during the path to conversion.