<Kbd> - KBD tag stands for <kbd>keyboard text</kbd>.

KB (Kilobyte) - A unit of measure used for data equal to 1,024 bytes.

Kbps (Kilobits per second) - A metric used to measure the speed of a data connection. One kilobit equals 1,024 bits.

Key Fob - A device (often on a keychain) or an app that lets you access a secure environment using built-in authentication. For example, key fobs are used to open and start keyless-entry vehicles instead of a standard key and keyhole. Also, Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi uses a key fob to unlock your car with your mobile device, if your keys get locked inside.

Key pair - The use of the public and private key together. The public key is used to exchange and encrypt the private key.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – Performance measurement that stems from your primary metric or what is most important to a particular business’s success. For example, conversions and cost-per-acquisition can be popular KPIs for many PPC advertisers.

Keylogger - a program that can monitor and record your every keystroke, exposing you to the risk of identity theft by revealing user names, passwords and other confidential information

Keyword Matching Options – Keyword-level settings that help control how closely the keyword needs to match a person’s search term in order to trigger your ad. These include broad, modified broad, phrase, exact and negative match types. You also have the ability to specify whether or not you want your phrase and exact match terms to show for plurals, misspellings or close variants.

Keyword Tool – Found in the AdWords interface, this tool helps advertisers find new keyword ideas and add them to your account. This can also be used to estimate traffic volume, identify negative keywords and determine competition level as well.

Keyword – A word or phrase that PPC advertisers use to target and display their ads in the sponsored search results.

Kickbit - A free app that allows you to earn mobile data on your Verizon Wireless Prepaid Smartphone Plan. You can earn extra data with Kickbit by completing tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, testing free trials and shopping for goods and services. You can then transfer your earned data to your Prepaid Smartphone Plan.

Kid's Corner - An app within Windows® 8 that launches a fully separate Start screen that parents can customize. You can include or exclude individual apps, games, music and videos to ensure kids only have access to the content you deem appropriate.

Kilobit - A data measurement equal to 1,024 bits.

KitKat - The 4.4 version of the Android™ operating system.