<noframe> -  NOFRAME tag is specifying an alternate web page layout for browsers that don't support frames.

  <title>Frame Tags in Action</title>
    <h1>Sorry, your browser doesn't support this feature!</h1>
<frameset cols="35%, 65%">
  <frame src ="/htmlcodes/left-frame.html" />
  <frame src ="/htmlcodes/right-frame.html" />

<Noscript> - NOSCRIPT tag is specifying a "NOSCRIPT" version page layout for browsers that don't support "SCRIPT" version. NOSCRIPT tags are used in conjunction with the JavaScript or VBScript elements.

For example-

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
  document.write("We are here to learn HTML");
  Sorry, your browser doesn't support JavaScript, VBScript.

Nano SIM Card - The fourth generation design of the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. It is approximately 15% smaller than the previous micro SIM card, and thinner.

Nationwide 65 Plus Plan - A simple and convenient reduced-cost plan, designed specifically for people 65 years of age and older.

Nationwide Rate and Coverage Area - The area in which allowances on a Nationwide Plan can be used, covering nearly 99% of the US population.

Nationwide Talk & Text Plan - A plan that includes an Anytime Minute allowance and unlimited text, picture, video and instant messaging to any number in the US. This plan is no longer available for new accounts.

Native ad - An advertisement designed to blend in with the appearance and tone of the editorial content it runs alongside.

Negative Keywords – Advertisers add negative keywords to their account so their ads do not display when a customer types in a search query containing that keyword.  Negative keywords help you qualify the clicks to your site more effectively.

 Net event -  Anything happening live on the Internet. Net events can include live chats and video and audio broadcasts.

Net lingo -  The slang (jargon) commonly used on the Internet, mainly in chat rooms or newsgroup messages. You will eventually see such acronyms as LOL (Laugh Out Loud), ROTFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing),

Net Profit - The difference between a business’ revenue and its costs – all of its costs. Net profit may be thought of as the money left over after every bill is paid.

Netflix® - A website and app that lets you stream high-quality, unlimited movies and TV episodes to your computer and wireless device.

Netiquette -  The etiquette on the Internet.

Netizen -  Derived from the term citizen, referring to a citizen of the Internet, or someone who uses networked resources.

Netscape -  A WWW Browser and the name of a company. The NetscapeTM browser was originally based on the Mosaic program developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).

 Network - The setup of hardware and software that allows multiple computers to connect and communicate with each other electronically. The Internet is by far and away the largest network in the world.

Network Address Translation (NAT) - An Internet standard that enables a local-area network (LAN) to use one set of IP addresses for internal traffic and a second set of addresses for external traffic. A NAT box (usually built in to the router)located where the LAN meets the Internet makes all necessary IP address translations.NAT provides a type of firewall by hiding internal IP addresses from potential hackers.

Network Extender - A Verizon Wireless device that extends your wireless connection to places indoors where outdoor wireless coverage doesn't reach. The Network Extender plugs into your existing high-speed Internet connection to communicate with the Verizon Wireless network.

NETWORK OPERATOR - See carriers.OS - OS stands for Operating System and is the software that runs a mobile device. Apple’s iPhone runs on its native iOS, Android phones use a different OS, and Blackberry still another.

Network Programs - Web-based apps that use Verizon Wireless network capabilities to perform certain tasks, such as locating your device or sending you information via text messaging.

Network Programs & Permissions - Page in My Verizon that allows you to manage your permission settings for each Network Program you have opted in to. Permission settings are specific to a program so you can set a different permission setting for each program.

Network - Any time you connect 2 or more computers together so that they can share resources, you have a computer network. Connect 2 or more networks together and you have an internet.

Neutral Density Filter - Neutral Density Filter is a piece of glass that fits over the front end of a lens to reduce the amount of light entering the camera.

New Visitors - Internet users who have not previously or recently visited your site are considered new visitors. If cookies on a previous visitor's computer have expired or if they have deleted their cookies, these visitors will also register as new visitors. Google Analytics lets you see how many new visitors you have so you can fine-tune your Website to increase repeat visits as well as increase the number of new visitors.

Newbie - A new user of a technology, such as a computer, a certain computer program, or the Internet, is often referred to as a “newbie”. The term should not be deemed as derogatory, as we all have to start somewhere.

Newsgroup -  a discussion group that is based on postings about a particular topic. Users post messages to a news server, which then sends them to other participating servers. Then, other users can access the newsgroup and read the postings. The groups can be either “moderated,” where a person or group decides which postings will become part of the discussion, or “unmoderated”, where everything posted is included in the discussion.
The main difference between email and a newsgroup message is that email is usually sent to an individual whereas a newsgroup posting is readable by all of those that subscribe to that particular newsgroup.

Nexus - A seller's minimum level of physical presence within a state that permits the taxing authority to require the seller to register, collect and remit sales/use tax and comply with the Country's, Province's, State's and/or County's taxing statutes and regulations.

NFC (Near Field Communication) - A short-range wireless RFID technology which uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices by physical touch. Card accounts are linked to contactless NFC chips in mobile devices.

NFC (Near Field Communications) SIM Card - A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card with a built-in NFC chip.

NFC Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Protocol - This is an open protocol defined by ISO 18092 that is included in the complete implementation of a near field communication (NFC) device. The three protocols of NFC include reader / writer mode, card emulation and peer-to-peer. This protocol is considered “open” as it is not strictly enforced in the payments world by the card schemes like the applets of PayWave, PayPass, Zip and ExpressPay. Other services involving Bluetooth / wireless pairing, media sharing, business card sharing, etc., are used by phone manufacturers.

NFL® Mobile - A mobileapp that provides Verizon customers with exclusive access to watch live local and primetime NFL games and NFL Network on their smartphones. NFL Mobile also provides access to NFL RedZone exclusively for Verizon customers. Additional content includes: news, scores, schedules, stats and video on demand.

NIC (Network Interface Card) -  a computer circuit board or card that is installed in a computer so that the computer may be connected to a network. In a DSL connection, the NIC is connected to the DSL modem via a network cable. Most NIC’s today are for ethernet connections.

Niche - A distinct market segment.

Night & Weekend Minutes - Allowance minutes that can be used during the following times:-Night Hours: (M-F) 9:01 p.m.-5:59 a.m , Weekend Hours: 12:00 a.m. Sat.-11:59 p.m. Sun. See also "Off-Peak".

NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries - NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries are a type of battery used in some lower-end cameras. Although cheaper than Lithium ion batteries, they tend to lose charge when not in use and don't provide as much overall power.

NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) -  The protocol used by client and server software to carry USENET postings back and forth over a TCP/IP network. If you are using any of the more common software such as Netscape, Forte Agent, Internet Explorer, etc. to participate in newsgroups, then you are benefiting from an NNTP connection.

No Answer / Busy Transfer - Also known as Conditional Call Forwarding, a feature that forwards your calls to another phone whenever your mobile phone is busy or remains unanswered after three to six rings.

No Service Area - An area where a cell site does not exist, so wireless service is not available.

Node -  Any single computer connected to a network.

Nokia Music - Nokia Music offers free streaming music with Mix Radio. You can also access and buy over 15 million songs directly from the Nokia Music MP3 Store.

Node -  Any single computer connected to a network.

Nokia Music - Nokia Music offers free streaming music with Mix Radio. You can also access and buy over 15 million songs directly from the Nokia Music MP3 Store.

Non-guaranteed line item - Fourth priority buying model, which does not reserve inventory. AKA “remnant line item.”

Non-linear video - An ad unit type that consists of video ads that play during video content in a video player.

Non-smooth pacing - A pacing configuration that delivers 95 percent of the goal impressions by the halfway mark for the line item’s date range.

Notebook - A personal journal app on the Intuition™ by LG. Add sketches, notes, photos and videos on the go.

Nuke - NUKE is a node-based digital compositing application developed by The Foundry, and used for film and television post-production. NUKE is available for Microsoft WindowsOS X, and Linux. NUKE's users include Digital Domain,Walt Disney Animation StudiosDreamWorks Animation

Number Portability - The ability to transfer your telephone number from one service provider to another.