Zbrush - ZBrush is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D/2.5D modeling, texturing and painting. It uses a proprietary "pixol" technology (see below) which stores lighting, color, material, and depth information for all objects on the screen.

ZIP file - A way to use data compression to shrink the size of a file or a group of files. You make a file smaller by zipping it, send it to your friends, and let them unzip it on their computer to bring it back to full size. You can identify a zipped file because its address will end in .zip. If the file does have a .zip file extension, you must have some sort of un-Zip installed on your computer. The most common one is Winzip.

Zoe™ - A camera feature on certain HTC devices that automatically takes 20 photos and a three-second mini-clip with sound, instead of just one picture. With Zoe, you can use special effects including Sequence Shot, Object Removal, Always Smile and multiple Face Retouch tools.

Zoom lens - A Zoom lens is a lens with a ring that allows for zooming in and out between a range of focal lengths within the single lens.

Zoom shot - A Zoom shot makes the subject larger or smaller within the frame simply by shifting the lens elements inside to change focal lengths. This magnifies the view of the subject while the camera itself remains stationary.